Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Mom and Dad

Our parents are our guide; they are always with us in our every decision. In our whole life we always expect something from them but in return of that we never think to give them anything.


Birthday Wishes for Father

Our Father is the most valuable person in our life. From our childhood he starts thinking about how to make our life better. Even he sacrifices his small-small comfort to make us successful in our life. Now it’s our time to make him feel special and his birthday is the only moment which is perfect for this.

We all have some emotional feelings towards our Dad but the only question arise how to express it. We have given some unique birthday SMS and wishes below. We hope you will like this SMS collection and it will help you to express your emotions towards your father. With the help of these wishes, you can definitely express your feelings to them. This is the most expensive gift they remember forever.

Thanks for letting me be my own man,
even though you are the man that I wanted to be.
Happy Birthday Dad.

No matter how old we both grow,
you will always be the person who will hold my finger when I’m down.
That is how highly I think of you and how much I love you.
Happy Birthday Dear Father!!!!

Dad, you are not only a special breed
but obviously a special breeder
to have a child as wonderful as me.
Happy Birthday Dear Dad.

Your eyes hold the moon and your heart holds the sea.
You are worth more than any of those things.
wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Really I’m so glad that I’ve been blessed with a father like you.
Very Happy birthday, Dad!

You are my best friend, more than just a Father.
The fact that every kid does not have a father like you, makes me sad.
Happy birthday Dear Dad…..

You are the reason I’m here and everything I am.
Thank you for what you’ve done for me.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Wish you a warm Happy Birthday Dear Father!!!!

Father you always hold my hand,
taught me the difference of good and bad,
I pray God give you joy and happiness, Happy Birthday.

Birthday SMS for Father

Sorry I couldn’t buy you a gift but I’m broke.
If you gave me more pocket money,
I could have bought you a nice gift.
Happy birthday dear Father.

You are not getting older, but more handsome each day.
I wish we can grow old as gracefully as you dad.
Very Happy Birthday from your dear son!

Dad, thanks for always supporting me and believing in my dreams.
Hope you have a great birthday and all your wishes come true.

Do you know why I never need to ask for any blessings from God?
That’s because He has given me Father like you!
Happy Birthday to you dear Father.

I pray that you will be easily amused and find life funny,
I pray that this birthday finds you peaceful and happy.
Happy Birthday Dear Father!!!!

I wish you a day, filled with love, joy, care and fun.
I am glad to have you as my dad.
Very Happy Birthday Dad, I love you so much.

You can also wish your Father, a very Happy Birthday through our website. Write your wish below, expressing your feelings towards your Dad. You can use above Birthday SMS and Wishes on social media.

Birthday Wishes for Mother

Wishing Happy Birthday to your mother gives her very pleasant and beautiful feeling. We all have very sweet bonding with our mother as she is very close to our heart. With our mother we share our most of the feelings and views. She is the only one who is happiest for us when we are happy and cry with us when we cry. Mother-child relationship is so sweet and pretty that rarely we have with anyone. Our Mom is our best friend to whom we share our feelings without any hesitation.

We all want to do something special for our mom which makes feel her very special and glorious. On her birthday wish her Happy Birthday and put your all efforts in making her birthday, the most rememberable day of her life. Below are some related Happy Birthday SMS and Wishes for Mother that helps in expressing your emotions and feelings. Take a look on them and pick the best Wish or SMS as your need.

Everyone in this family is so lucky for having you in his life, because God
doesn’t make angels like you anymore.
Happy Birthday, Dear Mom!

Mother is an undying love, a love beyond compare,
the one you take your troubles to, she is the one who really cares.
Mother you are all of this and more, I love you very much.
Wish you Happy Birthday Mother….

I hope that your birthday is full of happiness and chocolate.
What is one without the other?
Happy Birthday Dear Mom.

Mom, thanks for everything.
You gave me life and you’ve made my life full of hope,
happiness and love…just by loving me!
May you always have a happy birthday, today and every year!

Let the God decorate each golden ray of the Sun reaching you,
with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity for you,
Wish you a super duper Happy Birthday Mother.

You are a Goddess in human form.
I’ve often heard that stated,
by you, so that makes me a goddess too
I’m so glad that we’re related
Very Happy Birthday Mom.

You are the most wonderful person in my life.
No woman can ever take your place in my heart,
because you are my one and only Mom.
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday Mother!

Happy Birthday To You My Dear,
Hearty Greeting & Good wishes for a sweet person.
There is no end to all the joy I’m wishing you,
my dear with all my best wishes on your Birthday.

The way you twisted fairy tales, to suit my mood,
And clubbed two dishes, so that I enjoy my food
Mom, you are very special, I wanna say
Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

My love for you has a never ending supply,
it will never be lacking, it will never get dry,
often I wonder and ask myself,
Why do I feel, without you I’d die.
Wish you Happy Birthday Mother.

Mom oh sweet mom, is your age is increasing or decreasing on each birthday???
Sweet Birthday wishes from this daughter to my dear Mom.

You’ve showed me that love knows no limits and goodness meets no borders.
You’ve showed me everything in this life. Thanks a lot Mother.
Have a Happy Birthday!!!!

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